NABA University


- Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano, founded in 1980 in Milan, Italy.

- The university is a world famous design school.

- The language of instruction is English as of the academic year 2011-2012.

- Every year, NABA teaches about 2,000 students from 60 different countries.

- The institution has a wide network as part of the Laureate International Universities Training Group.

- NABA offers preparatory, undergraduate, postgraduate and summer school programs to students in English and Italian.

- NABA graduate programs are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

        Why Naba University?

- After your graduation of NABA’s three-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs, you will intesively find out Italian design, culture and ethos of artistic experimentation.

- You will solve all desing problem with your knowledge of history and your technical desing skills.

- The main purpose of NABA’s teaching is practical design methods.

- A dynamic interaction and Cross-genre innovation between artistic and professional worlds is considered by NABA’s academic methodology.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs:

  • English Language Certificate (IELTS 5.0 - for English programs)
  • Italian Language Certificate (B1.2 level according to CEFRL- for Italian programs)
  • Diploma or Student Certificate
  • Letter of Intent (statement of purpose)
  • Portfolio

Undergraduate Programs

3 years Bachelor of Arts Degrees:
• Bachelor of Arts in Design (English / Italian)
• Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Art Direction (English / Italian)
• Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design (English / Italian)
• Bachelor of Arts in Media Design and Multimedia Arts (English / Italian)
• Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Visual Arts (Italian)
• Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Design (Italian)
• Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Visual Arts (English)
• Bachelor of Arts in Digital Productions (New technologies for Applied arts)


Master Programs

 2 years Master of Arts Degrees:
- Master of Arts in Visual Arts and Performing Studies

- Specialisation in Painting and Curatorial Studies (Italian)

- Communication Design (Italian)
- Fashion and Textile Design (English)
- Master of Arts in Interior Design (English)
- Master of Arts in Product Design (English)

1 year Master Program:
• Master in Creative Advertising (English)
• Master in Photography and Visual Design (Italian)
• Master in Contemporary Art Markets (English)
• Master in Contemporary Art Markets (English)

                   Summer School Programs

Design Area:
- Contemporary Design
- Exploring Italian Design
- Interior Design
- Product Design

Fashion Area:
- Luxury Accessories Design
- Fashion Management
- Trend Scouting
- Fashion Styling

Digital Arts Area:
- Digital Photography

Visual Arts Area:
- Printmaking, bookbinding and illustration techniques
- Drawing and Visual Arts